EFFECTIVE 3/24/18: please call ahead 24 hrs. or more to schedule an alterations appointment.

Formal garments purchased anywhere other than Formal Fantasy will have automatic flat rate charges of Bridal: $50  or Formal Gowns/Bridesmaid: $20  in addition to regular alteration fees and take a minimum of 14 days to complete.

Length Alterations:                                          Miscellaneous Alterations:
24 HR. PANT HEM $24 (max 3 pr)  Bustle: $12 per point
Pant Plain hem: $15/pr        Straps up or down: $12
Pant Cuffed or Lined hem: $23-25/pr  Buttons/snaps/hooks & eyes: $2 each
Original jean hem: $23/pr            Repair Patches: $3-7
Skirt Straight hem: $15 1 layer             Insignia Patches: $5 each (very large are more)            
Skirt A-line hem: $25 1 layer       Replace zipper: $20-25
Skirt Full/Wedding from bottom: $35 1 layer              Straps added: $15
Skirt from waist: $25     plus zipper reset +$10      
Jacket or sport coat sleeve hem: $40                        
Jacket or coat body hem: $30      Steaming Fees:
      Bridesmaid/ Mothers/ Informal Bridal $20
Width Alterations:                                                Bridal Gowns $50
Pant legs tapered: $18/pr                                             Veils $10-15
Sides in or out: $20                                                     Petticoats $15
Princess seams or Darts in or out $16                         
Additional Panels: $25                                               Hand Pressing Fees:
Take in waist: $18                                                      Bridesmaid/ Mothers/ Informal Bridal $40
Add Corset: $50                                                        Bridal Gowns $100
Add modesty panel: $10
Remove Corset: $30                                            Additional Fees:
     Hem dresses: Each additional lining: $10
     Lace/Beading on Garment: $20-40/yd       MINIMUM ALTERATIONS CHARGE $10       Sheer Materials: $10
if you have small repairs, we recommend bundling them!            Petticoat Layer: $15

***All prices subject to change without notice.*** 
Actual quotes can only be given once we have seen the garment. 
Alteration fees are due at drop off.
Formal Fantasy provides alterations for your Special occasion, Casual, or Business clothing. 
From hems and strap adjustments to complete reconstruction, Formal Fantasy can fix your garments so that you can look your absolute best!
Owner Stacia Smith has been sewing professionally for over 20 years, and received a B.S. in Clothing Design in 1995 from Oklahoma State University.  Her training and experience insure that your garment will both look and feel great.

Alteration Services