What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of special occasion wear, we have an "all sales final" policy.  We encourage our clients to take their time making this important decision, and we welcome multiple visits.  In specific instances and with owner approval, we offer a 24-hour exchange policy on merchandise that has not been worn, altered, or damaged. 
Are alterations included in the garment purchase?
No.  We have actively chosen at Formal Fantasy to keep our merchandise priced very reasonably. We would rather you know the actual cost of your gown and the real cost of your alterations rather than 'padding' the ticket price to then offer "free" alterations.  Alterationists are skilled workers who are paid accordingly.  They have costs associated with the equipment and materials used to make your garment  fit perfectly and therefore we must charge for those alterations.   Our "services" page has estimates of costs and we will happily give you a quote in person.  Because each garment requires it's own set of alterations to make it fit right, we cannot give accurate quotes over the phone.
Do you alter clothing not purchased at Formal Fantasy?
Yes!  We alter both formalwear and career/casual clothing.  When you bring in formal clothing you did not purchase at Formal Fantasy, you will need an appointment (see above) and there is an additional fee above the cost of the actual alterations: $20 for formals/bridesmaids, and $50 for wedding gowns.  Delivery for casual is 7-10 days, outside formal is 14 days.
How much do I have to pay and when?
Alteration fees are due at drop off.   If there are any changes to the cost or type of alteration (a very rare occurrence), you will be contacted for authorization before they are made.   Our "services" page has a list of most common alterations prices.
Layaway requires 25% deposit to place the garments in layaway.  All layaway deposits and payments are non-refundable! Layaway payments must be made every 30 days in the same amount of the deposit.   Garments that have not been paid on for at least 14 days after the payment due date will revert to stock and the sale cancelled without refund.
Special Order requires 50% non-refundable deposit with the balance paid within 14 days of notification that your merchandise has arrived at Formal Fantasy. 
Is the merchandise at Formal Fantasy new or used?
All of our merchandise is brand new, never worn.  While we have some lovely antique stores nearby, our garments are not "pre-owned".   Our owner carefully hand-picks our merchandise from some of the best and most reasonably priced suppliers in the country.
Do you buy gowns from individuals?
We do not carry used merchandise, even if it was worn "only once".   If you want to get some of your investment back, online community sites or shopper magazines have been beneficial to some of our customers in the past.   We do not make any claims as to these working for you, though.  If you want some closet space back and don't care about the money, we encourage you to donate your gown to a charity of your choice. Some popular options are Brides Across America, Brides against Breast Cancer, or (local to Stillwater and our charities of choice) Thrifty Butterfly supporting Wings of Hope or Judith Karman Hospice' Karman Corner resale shop. 
Do I need an appointment?
For browsing our store, no appointment is needed; we are ready to help you all the hours we are open.  If you want to come try on gowns or look at our selection, we are here to serve you.  If you have an alteration, we request you schedule an appointment by calling (405)780-7720 or emailing formalfantasy@gmail.com.  Phone is faster!  Appointments on Saturday are limited to Formal Fantasy garments.  Otherwise, we can write you in for any of our 1-hour appointments.   Casual alterations can be fit in as walk-in, but our scheduled appointments will be assisted first.  
Located at:  121 E. 9th Ave., Stillwater, OK 74074     Phone: (405) 780- 7720       
Hours:  11am-6:30pm Mon-Fri, 11-4 Sat, Closed Sun.
What should I bring when shopping for a gown?
If you have a strapless bra, shaper undergarments or shoes you would like to wear with your dress, we encourage you to bring them when you shop.  We also have all these items available at the store.  We recommend you wear clothing that is comfortable to shop in and easy to change in and out of.  Since formal wear often requires assistance from the sales associates, we recommend you wear full coverage underwear for both your comfort and ours.
Frequently Asked Questions